Monday, May 9, 2011


My little sister was kind enough to take some photos of my terrain and minis...  

A Dwarf archer.  I find it funny that even though I am not an expert painter by any means and though I didn't paint these Dwarves with much detail, they still came out this good
One of my homemade movement trays...
Another homemade movement tray. 
Yet another homemade movement tray. 
A shielded Dwarf with one handed axe...
Here are some ruins made out of foam...
A close up of the ruins

Frodo in the ruins.  I'm not finished painting him quite yet...

A close up of the stairs.
Gandalf in his wizard tower.  I couldn't get a good shot of the tower in it's entirety because it fell apart.
some trees...
Frodo in his shire hut.
A cool shot of the roof and the hut in the background.
Here is all of my terrain.
Another shot of the shire hut....

Heres a cool pic of the open gate to the shire hut...

...and here it is closed.
A wall of the keep. 

Frodo again in his hut.
Gandalf on the ruins.
Exterior shot of the keep

This is my mini canyon.
The roof of the keep
a dwarf.
The keep.

Underneath the tower of my keep.
An overhead shot of the canyon with a few dwarves on it.

All of these terrain pieces are made by me out of insulation board (a.k.a. polystyrene or foam).  I spray painted most of them, giving them an awesome stone look.  I'm not a pro, but hopefully they're okay for my age and level.


  1. Well.. I love everything about the blog! It's great to see all your stuff on here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice, did you share with Bart?

  3. I tried to, IDK if it worked.