Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ruins

Here are some more great shots of the Ruins.  I'll be uploading more little albums like this one soon, hopefully of all my terrain, so that you can see each piece and some details by themselves...
 Above: A ruined column.  this took a little bit to get right!  Below: a great shot of the entire piece.
 The stairs.  I'm still amazed at the detail that spray paint puts for stone.
 A crumbling wall.  Most of this piece was assembled with hot glue, and a little of it with wood glue when I ran out of hot.
 An "inside" wall.
 Some of the outside walls.  I didn't have any flock at that time, so I used saawdust:)
 Another "inside" wall...
 ...and last of all, a fallen brick.
Like I said at the beginning, I hope to upload the rest of my terrain pics and some pics of my army. 

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