Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Keep

Here are some photos (taken, of course, by my little sister) of the keep.  Below is a little hideout with an arrow slit.
 This is the column that supports the tower.
 A wall...
 The entire Keep.
 Another shot of the supporting column.
 A wall that leads to the door...
Well, that's the keep.  Kudos and thanks to my sister who took all the pics. 


Sorry, haven't been here lately.  This is just an update.... I am going to upload more pics soon, and I hope to make some cool new terrain today! I'll do that soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

LOTR Shire Hut

Here are some better shots of JUST the Shire Hut (when gaming with an objective of "capture frodo to win" he hides in here pretty much the whole time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ruins

Here are some more great shots of the Ruins.  I'll be uploading more little albums like this one soon, hopefully of all my terrain, so that you can see each piece and some details by themselves...
 Above: A ruined column.  this took a little bit to get right!  Below: a great shot of the entire piece.
 The stairs.  I'm still amazed at the detail that spray paint puts for stone.
 A crumbling wall.  Most of this piece was assembled with hot glue, and a little of it with wood glue when I ran out of hot.
 An "inside" wall.
 Some of the outside walls.  I didn't have any flock at that time, so I used saawdust:)
 Another "inside" wall...
 ...and last of all, a fallen brick.
Like I said at the beginning, I hope to upload the rest of my terrain pics and some pics of my army. 

Monday, May 9, 2011


My little sister was kind enough to take some photos of my terrain and minis...  

A Dwarf archer.  I find it funny that even though I am not an expert painter by any means and though I didn't paint these Dwarves with much detail, they still came out this good
One of my homemade movement trays...
Another homemade movement tray. 
Yet another homemade movement tray. 
A shielded Dwarf with one handed axe...
Here are some ruins made out of foam...
A close up of the ruins

Frodo in the ruins.  I'm not finished painting him quite yet...

A close up of the stairs.
Gandalf in his wizard tower.  I couldn't get a good shot of the tower in it's entirety because it fell apart.
some trees...
Frodo in his shire hut.
A cool shot of the roof and the hut in the background.
Here is all of my terrain.
Another shot of the shire hut....

Heres a cool pic of the open gate to the shire hut...

...and here it is closed.
A wall of the keep. 

Frodo again in his hut.
Gandalf on the ruins.
Exterior shot of the keep

This is my mini canyon.
The roof of the keep
a dwarf.
The keep.

Underneath the tower of my keep.
An overhead shot of the canyon with a few dwarves on it.

All of these terrain pieces are made by me out of insulation board (a.k.a. polystyrene or foam).  I spray painted most of them, giving them an awesome stone look.  I'm not a pro, but hopefully they're okay for my age and level.