Sunday, February 19, 2012


So lately nothing much has happened... I haven't played LOTR in a very long time so nothing to report on that.  I haven't made a lot of terrain because I have limited space to keep it while not using it.  BUT!!!  I have started playing a little D&D.  I sat a little meaning only about three hours at a time.  And I say only meaning not all day, like our DM does sometimes.  Anyway, that's a lot of fun, and I kinda like the way you act out your own character. 
To conclude, I do hope to play some more D&D or LOTR soon.  That's about it!

3... 2... 1... I'm out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I was just sitting here wondering, what do people really want to see most?  So I'm asking you, my few blog followers and pageviewers, would you rather see terrain pics and (possibly) videos, or more battle reports?  I would add mini stuff, but I have a limited budget for that.  So answer in the comments if you will!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, in the last two or three days, I've been cutting and sanding and basing and painting and stuff.  Here's the product.  The quality on my camera isn't great, as it's made for filming, but here are pics...

This is the hobbit hole after base painting and rocks being put on.  I didn't think to take pics before this.
To shape the thing, I first cut a block of foam out, about 5 inches by a foot.  I cut slices from the sides to make it nice and smooth, then cut about a 45 degree angle off the edges.  Then, I started to make the little platform where the door is.  I used both the hot wire and an X-acto knife for this.  As I was making the indent, I saw these little step like things form the x-acto knife.  I thought, hey, natural rock formations!  I added on that top part there on the left afterwards, to give it more of a natural shape and feel.  
 A so-so pic of the door, it's kind of hidden.  It's just a block of foam rounded out and stuck in a hole.  
 The second stage in it's entirety.  
 A front view...
The rocks.  I tried a new thing I've never thought of before.  I spread glue wider than I wanted my rocks, then sprinkled the ballast just where I wanted it.  it lets the rock spread and look less clean cut, more natural, and awesome.  
 Here, I had just started painting the door and rock stuff.  
 Side angle...
The next and almost final stage!  I used up all of the flock I had left!  I coated the whole thing with it.  Oh, and how nice is it to realize you don't like your rock color AFTER you're done flocking?!?!  Not nice at all.  I highlighted the door and gave the brick wall a little less orange, a little more brown.  The wall around the well was also painted orangey brown.  
Side view. 
 The awesome door.
 Another side view...
 OKAY, LET'S GET OFF TRACK!!! This is a terrain piece I made a while ago, but I didn't post any pics of it.  it was made completely with an x-acto.
Okay, back to the hobbit hole.  It is done.  Basically all that's different is that I highlighted my rock sections and painted water in the well.
Aaaaaaannd that's right, you got it, the water is silver.  
The well, door, and walkway.
Well, that wraps it up.  I hope to make more terrain soon.

Aaaaannnnnnnd, I'm out.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, no pictures today.  I haven't made much terrain lately because I've been working on another project.  FOAM CUTTER!  My dad helped me build a hot wire cutter with plans acquired here -
It was super cheap to build, and it works well!  I may post a video soon with it cutting.  The first model had a guitar string and a whopping 14v DC adapter, which burned out the wire out in about ten minutes.  Later, on a resistance calculator, I discovered it was probably around 2500 degrees at the time (It only has to be around 600 to melt foam).  I now have a 5v (I really need a 6v) adapter, and it's working great!  I will post some terrain pics as soon as I have made some terrain and take pics.  I am going to attempt to make a hobbit hole, I don't know how that will work out yet.

And..... I'm out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rangers of Middle Earth

The following are pictures of my newly acquired (since may) rangers of middle earth and other assorted terrain and models...
Above is a picture of a winter ranger that did not turn out so well, but, with the power of Picasa, it turned into something pretty cool!  Below is the same ranger, also a blurry shot, also edited in Picasa.

Spikes which could actually prove dangerous.  They are made out of a block of foam stuck through with real nails.  I don't think I've played a game with this, mostly out of fear someone would put a hand down on it.

Another shot of the same thing

A much, much better shot of a winter ranger.

The ranger on the left here is the color scheme I painted 16 of the rangers like, 4 were painted like the winter ranger on the left.  The remaining four got a black color scheme.

Ranger with bow...

One of the black schemed Rangers.  I think this was my favorite pose from all the rangers.

Same guy...

An ENT!  I made this guy without a kit or anything!  I took wire and made a structure for him...

...and coated it with epoxy, bondo, and glue...

...then, I made a head out of foam, and a rock in his hand out of foam...

...and he was complete!  Below are a few pics of dice, my sister thought they looked cool.

A winter ranger facing the ent alone!  Or is he alone?

Looks like he has some friends to help him out!

Except for that one...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Keep

Here are some photos (taken, of course, by my little sister) of the keep.  Below is a little hideout with an arrow slit.
 This is the column that supports the tower.
 A wall...
 The entire Keep.
 Another shot of the supporting column.
 A wall that leads to the door...
Well, that's the keep.  Kudos and thanks to my sister who took all the pics. 


Sorry, haven't been here lately.  This is just an update.... I am going to upload more pics soon, and I hope to make some cool new terrain today! I'll do that soon.